Introducing me..

Another attempt to begin a blog! Practice makes perfect right?! I have written and deleted many attempts and yet still have no blog posted. I keep changing my mind about the direction I want this blog to take. I have decided it doesn’t matter! So, what will you find here? A bit of everything I imagine as time goes on! A snapshot of life in my home, my world. It won’t be full of amazing travels or exciting adventures – we put them on the shelf when we decided to start of family and prioritise my time at home over my time in the workforce – but it will, as the tag suggests, be full of laughter, learning and love.

The title of this blog came from my greatest achievement, my two beautiful girls and it is with their wonderfully classic middle names that I was able to construct a pretty title! As I write this, 1 is an amazing just-turned 2 year old (C) full of personality and ready to stamp her mark on the world; the other is a new addition and at 9 weeks (L) is fulfilling my selfish love of newborns with many cuddles, smiles and gurgles. We share our home with Dad/husband (D), 2 crazy dogs and 2 cats. My background is in teaching and since the day I started working my jobs have had me with working with 6 week-16 year olds!

And so it’s welcome to us all. Welcome to you for taking time to read and welcome to me for taking the plunge into the blog-o-sphere! Happy Reading!


*we don’t always look like this – we had a “crazy hair afternoon”

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2 Responses to Introducing me..

  1. Hi
    I just wanted to send you a word of encouragement. I have also just started blogging and it really is a daunting task putting yourself out there for the world to see. But it is so therapeutic and relaxing. It allows me to be creative and myself. Just go with it and enjoy it!
    Vanessa (from South Africa)
    P.S. I love Melbourne, been to visit there 3 times already 🙂

    • graceofmae says:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Vanessa and congrats on your new blog too! It’s nice to feel there is somewhere to put down all the thoughts that swirl around!

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