A day with mum

Today is Cup Day in Melbourne. A day for BBQ’s, catchups, Spring dresses and, I guess, the horse race!!!

My girls and I donned our dresses and went to my Mum’s house (photos to follow shortly!)



Time with my mum is treasured time, more so since becoming a mum myself. Seeing my mum with my daughters brings me so much joy. I have had little relationship with my grandparents, 3 of whom passed away many years ago, and feel blessed for the 9 months C was able to spend with my dad before he passed away and for the strong bond she has with my mum, her “man-ma” now.

Mum and C are inseparable when together! C searches mum’s bag for the guaranteed hidden ‘choc’, they sing songs, play dolls, read books and laugh a lot. She is the the favourite and I’m fine with that! It’s clear to see that “man-ma” will soon become L’s favourite too!

The car trip home takes over an hour. Both girls slept the whole way and for the first time in a long time it was nice to have some un-interrupted conversation with my husband! With 2 babes in the house we can get caught in a whirlwind of dinner, baths, pjs, stories, bedtimes, washing sorting in the evening and by the time the day is coming to a close, it’s time to zone out!

And so the evening closes with 2 beautiful girls tucked up in bed, a to-do list for hubby written, a plan of attack for toy storage fixing in the morning (stay tuned!) and a happy smile on my face!

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