A Mum’s Birthday

Yesterday was my 30 + 1 birthday. It started at 6am with the little mews of L ready to start her day with a full belly. It sprung into action at 6:15 as C (who had been snuggled with me since 2am) opened her eyes and screamed ‘baby’ with such joy as she does each morning when she first lays eyes on L. From there we began our normal morning routine – breakfast, kitchen tidy, nappy changes (or removing nappy and pants in C’s case-yay toilet training!) and floor play. By now it’s 8 ‘o clock!

Once D decided to roll out of bed I began to enjoy a birthday I felt I was accustomed to – a shower in peace, making breakfast an eating it at that moment, sitting on the couch without endless leaps to attend to toddler needs!

Our morning went on go slow as Miss L decided to sleep my birthday away following a busy night out. We tried less than subtle noise making tactics to try and stir her as I never have the heart to wake my girls when they are sleeping but she wasn’t going to be woken until she was ready!!

One of my greatest pleasures in life is sitting outside at a cafe with a hot chocolate/ milkshake depending on the weather and a decadent piece of cake! Some mums on a community Facebook page had recommended Two Beans and a Farm at Carome Homestead as a great, kid friendly option. It was fab!

On the deck in the sun my husband and I chatted whilst:


L did more sleeping and…


C played in the cubby house and sandpit and ran on the lawn. She stopped to…


have a juice on the gorgeous children’s summer benches!

It was great and as summer draws near I hope to spend some more lazy afternoons with my family and girlfriends on the sunny deck!


We then went home for what I affectionately call “afternoon shut down” where children sleep and mums and dads rest!

So, although my birthday was much like most days as a mum, it was a lovely day and who wouldn’t be happy to be surrounded by their beautiful children and husband on their special day!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!

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