Rice and Icecream

…no I’m not pregnant! Rice and Icecream are two of the things 2 year old C asks for when she goes on her tired, bored, upset food hunt! The order is usually along the lines of yoyo (yoghurt), a-pull (apple), nananana (banana), ice-creeeeem and wice (rice)! How you go from icecream to rice is beyond me and I love that she asks for it after icecream as if it’s some forbidden treat. The problem with rice: it takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare. This, I was proven today, is approximately 13 minutes too long!

I stumbled across the term ‘baby bunching’ to describe those who are mad enough to not only contemplate but to actually follow through with the idea if having two children under 2 years! For the most part my baby bunched life has been relatively drama free. L has been a very settled baby which helps enormously. It has been busy and I have been tired but overall feel that we found a rhythm quickly and have, for the most part, carried on with life as normal – a new kind of normal.

Today has been a more challenging day and as I rocked L to sleep after catnap #4 and 2-hourly feed #4 I wondered if perhaps D might find us all rocking in the corner by the time he got home!! Today I am thankful for Playschool, play dough and the tow truck across the road for providing entertainment for extended periods of time!


I am attempting, through pure insanity I think, to toilet train C at the moment. I’m not enjoying the process at all! It’s a tricky job when you are breastfeeding, settling to sleep, dressing, changing a baby but essential when your 2 year old refuses to wear a nappy at home. Onlookers into our world today would have seen us doing the wee and the poo dance and catching bubbles in celebration of success. They may also have noticed one tired mumma, cleaning up accidents and trying not to feel really cranky! I’m trying to stay relaxed about the process but goal orientated, high achiever me is looking for an instant result!

We’ll get there I’m sure! This is just an example of things that become trickier when there are two on board!

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One Response to Rice and Icecream

  1. motherwho says:

    You’ll get there love, don’t you worry! The mess and the bubbles will soon be a distant memory xoxo

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