An hour of peace!

We watch little TV during the day. It unsettles C and makes me grumpy. C has little interest in sitting and watching so it just becomes background noise which eventually grates on my nerves. Our one guilty pleasure is Play School. I tape it everyday and at some tired, in need of a mental break time, C will ask for Play School. Some days we watch more than one episode … Shhh! Don’t tell! I called it a guilty pleasure but I actually feel little guilt watching Play School. C loves learning the songs and actions and I shamelessly steal many ideas and get a kick out of watching familiar TV stars making fools of themselves and making lots of errors. I highly recommend catching Andrew doing the ‘Teddy Bear Wiggle’ for some great entertainment.

Weeks ago on Playschool they drew around their bodies and painted themselves. Nothing earth shatteringly creative but I stored it away on the ‘to do’ list. We got to it today!

Painting is usually a 15 minute time killer in this house before C starts to do this:


I was thrilled when, well over an hour later, this activity was still bringing C independent joy!!

We started by taping some butcher’s paper to the floor. C lay down and I drew very roughly around her body. I was impressed when I told C to lie down and started drawing around her that she said ‘Play School!’ I wish I had her memory!!!



*she doesn’t have a wonky leg – that’s a tickle giggle that made the pen slip!

L woke up after the drawing was completed so I thought the activity would have to be put on hold. I expected tears. Instead, C turned it into a whole new activity that I never planned for!! She went into her play house and got one of her favourite dolls and started chatting away to her. From the chatter I could make out “look” “baby” “Play School” and ” draw”. She then did this:


And then this:


She repeated this with several of her dolls. I love this pic with L watching on:


By the time we came to actually painting the outline, it seemed like she had given herself a far better learning experience! She used rollers and stamps to decorate. The finished product is unfortunately in the bin – too much paint in a concentrated area meant it ripped when I went to take it off the floor. C was ok with this – she just enjoyed being able to ‘elp’ pack it away.

Whilst she did this I worked with L on some tummy time, trying to get her to turn her head to follow a ball I rolled in front of her. We have concerns about, what I consider to be, a fairly significant flat spot on her head. She is heavily favoring turning her head to one side so it’s off to an osteopath next week and in the meantime lots of tummy time! Tummy time however, is being sabotaged now by L’s discovery that she can get herself off her tummy and back onto her back!


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