A week gone … A week ahead

We operate Sunday/Monday weekend in this house due to D’s work roster. Today is our Sunday. As the rubbish trucks do their laps and my neighbors leave for work and school runs, it’s easy to forget that today is not everyone’s Sunday!

Last week I:

*Celebrated my birthday with some of my closest friends.


*Went to ‘work’ – tutoring – and returned home 4 hours later feeling refreshed and to a calm household.

* Had both babes asleep by 7pm one night so went for a massive night walk with a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in ages.

*Had an amazing 2 hour lunch with my best friend, her sister and our 4 kids. 2 HOURS!!!! It was divine!! Thanks child-friendly cafe!!

*Finished Christmas shopping for my girls bar their stocking fillers.


*We painted.

*We attempted toilet training but put it on hold until I am ready!

*Visited my mum for her birthday.

*Had breast pump number 4 break on me. I have no luck with breast pumps or baby monitors.

*Held L as she slept more than I have been doing to a)keep her off her flat spot b)to soak in more of the moments I had with C that I feel I have missed with L.

*I watched a whole movie and 2 episodes of Neighbours whilst D and C went out and stocked the fridge, freezer and pantry.

There were a few tears this week. C is cutting two teeth, L has been fussy cuddly and catnappy. For the last few days I have not been me. I have been grumpy and unmotivated. I have raised my voice more than I am proud of. I have felt tired despite clocking up 8-9 hours if straight sleep 5 out of the 7 nights.

This week I will:

*Spend time tidying my back garden which = more fresh air for me and more outside time for C.

*Tidy my house…’ish!!!

*Take L to the osteo.

*Take C to Toddler Time.

*Countdown to Saturday for a catchup with some amazing friends!

*L turns 12 weeks. I’m not sure when newborn-ness officially ends but I see 12 weeks as a milestone and a step into babyhood!

*Try to exercise more and try to eat better and try to drink more water during the day.

*Have some quiet time at home but not too much!

*Keep my cool – who can be grumpy with this lot around me:



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