Christmas Bucket List


Each year Christmas fever seems to hit earlier and earlier. I love it! I started buying Chrissy presents in June and now, all my family’s presents are brought besides stuffing the kids stockings with their Christmas outfit, new pjs and other little goodies I collect from now until Christmas Eve. C is getting spoilt rotten as its the last year we’ll be able to do it before the budget gets stretched to 2. Poor L looks like the child Christmas forgot compared to C but she has a few goodies to snap photos of to prove she was thought of! As adults we don’t buy a lot for each other as we have a firm belief that Christmas is for the kids and for us, Christmas is for spending the day as a family laughing and enjoying each other’s company. In our family we are in transition with our traditions. As our children grow older we are changing and adding traditions each year. This will also be our second Christmas without my dad which is an ever changing process of adjustment. As Christmas draws closer I will write about some of our Christmas traditions!

Scanning Blogs over the last couple of months I saw many people had written Halloween Bucket Lists. This year I’ve decided to do a Christmas bucket list much like this one. C is having a bit of a hard time with teething, adjusting to sharing mum and dad, and finding her place in the world as a 2 year old. She has also only just dropped to 1 day sleep so is tired at the moment. Lately she has preferred to sit quietly at an activity I have set up for her. This is different to her usual days filled with pretend play which is only happening in sporadic doses at present. By writing a bucket list, I can make sure I have all the materials/ingredients I need in the house and I will have many ideas for activities on hand! Next year in our advent calendar I will have a daily activity for us to do but as its just C old enough to participate this year I will keep in bucket list form! Some of the things on my list are mum and dad things, others are just for C!

*Decorate the Christmas tree as a family. This is going be hard for me this year! I
Iike a coordinated, well planned Christmas tree as it sits in the house for so long! I will put on my best mum-smile though and ‘allow’ C to help! Next year L will be 15 months so they can both have little trees in their rooms to decorate with their hand made decorations etc.

*Read Christmas books before bed.

*Watch a Christmas movie each week. C doesn’t sit through movies yet so this can be a mum and dad activity! We do this each year and have built a collection of Chrissy movies like Elf, Polar Express etc.

*Visit the City Square and Myer Christmas Windows.

*Draw a picture for Santa and post it at City Square.

*Go to a Christmas show. Tickets booked for Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Christmas Spectacular with our besties!

*Have C paint butchers paper for present wrapping. Not the pressies from Santa of course!!

*Make a Christmas Sensory Box. Scanning Pinterest and Blogs for ideas! Thinking coloured rice as a base and will have to raid the local $2 stores and Spotlight for some Christmas trinkets.

*Make candy cane place cards. Saw these here.

*Make salt dough. Planning to use salt dough to make a pressie from the kids to my mum. Will post the link for the present we are going to make when we do it – don’t want to ruin the surprise!

*Make and decorate some Christmas cookies with C.

*Have photos with Santa. I am realistic that this will be a L only activity. There is no way I could get C anyway near Santa.

*Shop online for food and grocery items for between Christmas and New Year. From December 1st I do not go to any shops until the second week of January because I hate crowds. No, thats a lie. I love the buzz of the crowds at Christmas but I don’t cope well with the carpark or traffic on the road. If I have to go, it’s only to my local K-mart as they open at 8am so I can be there before the crowds! We usually do a big supermarket shop the week before Christmas to stock up the freezer and pantry so we can avoid the shops altogether – this year I will boycott the supermarket too and shop online!

*Visit some twilight markets. I will definitely be going to the Laurimar CWA Twilight Market on December 14th as D has a stall selling his hand-turned wooden pens. I would also like to go to the Healesville Craft Market as I will buy the girls their Christmas Day outfits here and grab last minute pressies I have forgotten! As the girl craft genes forgot, I do like to buy some handmade pressies.

*Actually make it to Toddler Time at the library. They will most likely do some Christmas stories and songs. I love Toddler Time!

*Download Hi-5s Christmas album and dance like a fool with C. She loves Hi-5 so imam hoping to get her dancing away to my favourite Christmas songs ‘Santa Clause is Coming’ and ‘Santa Wear Your Shorts’ (Links are to old clips of the original Hi-5. Whilst C knows no different, I certainly do and I miss Nathan!!).

*Do some Christmas coloring in.

*Keep an eye on my favourite Facebook page Rhyme Time and choose a couple of activities to do with C.

*HAVE A GLASS OF WINE!!!!! Capitals to make sure it happens. Christmas 2010 was my last glass of wine and before that it was probably 3 half glasses throughout the whole of 2010! I stopped drinking a couple of months before I fell pregnant with C and have been pregnant or breastfeeding since (yep 3 years come January!). D and I also don’t want alcohol to be part of the culture of our home so we don’t have drinks when people are over or at C’s birthday parties etc.

And that should keep me pretty busy!! Looking forward to doing my summer bucket list once this silly season is over!!

Hard to imagine looking at this photo taken almost a year ago that C was only just standing on her own, 2 weeks away from walking and I was probably only just pregnant with L or a couple of days away from falling pregnant ;-)!!

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