On the 2nd day of Christmas

The first weekend of December has been and gone. We managed to cross some things off our Christmas bucket list.

1) We decorated our tree! I love putting up the Christmas tree. It brings festivity to the home and brings a smile to my face every time I see it lit up. This year I sacrificed the perfect placement of each bauble and reluctantlyhappily decorated with my eldest baby! The joy of having a toddler with C’s nature in the house, is that I will get to decorate part of the tree every night after she has gone to bed, as she will move, remove and add decorations on a daily basis! I have put a Christmas box under the tree with spare baubles in it and C has been spending a lot of time placing these on and off the tree. The box, once empty, goes on her head! This evening she turned the box upside down and sat on it as she carefully decorated the bottom of the tree AGAIN! A small Santa figurine also had a wonderful time on his tree slide and roller skating rink! I have seen other parents successfully discourage their children from touching the tree once decorated. In my home, Christmas is for my children so I don’t believe in this. I find it a confusing message to send my 2 year old that one day she can add pretty, shiny baubles to the tree and the next it is a no-touch zone for a month. So, whilst it will drive me a little crazy, C has full access to our family tree.

D firmly set in place the dad and daughter star placement tradition for C’s first Christmas. This year it was L’s turn….needless to say the job was done twice as C wanted a turn!!!




2) We painted wrapping paper! We used Christmas cookie cutters to stamp shapes onto paper. C did quite well with this but was more interested in using her hands than the shapes. Can’t say I blame her!



3) We made and dove into a Christmas sensory box. I cut up a piece of tinsel to make the base of the box and added a small LCD Christmas tree, baubles, some lengths of beaded garland and a snow globe. I added a small gift bag which C has filled and emptied, filled and emptied with the tinsel. I will keep the tinsel base and chop and change the contents over the month I think. Tinsel ends up EVERYWHERE but it’s all part of the fun…right?!!



4) We watched our first Christmas movie of the season! We started with Elf. L played on her activity mat having a very animated conversation with a balloon and C came in and out of the lounge at various points for ‘cugs’ (cuddles) before promptly returned to tree destroying decorating.


Yep! It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas round here and I love it!

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2 Responses to On the 2nd day of Christmas

  1. motherwho says:

    You have reminded me of the importance of making Christmas for the kids. Yesterday was the last time I am going to ask Nella to stop messing up my Christmas tree!!!

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