Christmas ‘snow’ play

Today was a hot day in Melbourne. I don’t do well in the heat…or the cold for that matter! I think I work at an optimal temperature of 18-27 degrees! The beauty of Melbourne is today I complain about the heat, tomorrow I will most likely be worried that C has grown out of all her winter clothes!!

On days of extreme heat I hibernate. I don’t like getting in and out of a hot car or battling for carparks at Christmas time or fighting the masses at the pool. This morning we got up early and headed out for a walk before the sun got too hot. I started a home cross-fit style program yesterday and although I had tagged 37 degrees as a ‘rest day’ I needed to stretch my legs if I was to have any hope of moving again!! We stopped off at the park so that C could have a good run and then headed to home to hibernate which today, after two very busy days, involved a cuddle on the couch in front of the television.

I saw some time ago this Rainbow Salt Tray idea and have been meaning to try something similar for some time. When C went to bed I set up this play experience for her:

In my mind it was a Christmas snowscape but I was interested to see what C did with it! I covered a pizza tray in wrapping paper and then covered it with salt and flour. Onto the ‘snow’ I put the Christmas tree from our sensory box, a Matchbox truck, a sheep figurine and some baubles. I then got a cake decorating tool that resembles a rake and the pastry brush and waited!!

She was instantly attracted to the ‘rake’ and began to rake through the salt and flour. The sheep, as with all animals and figurines she plays with, had to have a ‘jump’ in the snow!

She experimented with the pastry brush and rolled the bauble on the tray. Once she had tested each item on the tray to see how it worked with the flour and the salt, she really began to play.

She filled the truck with snow.

She sprinkled snow on the sheep and then brushed him down!

This was a lot of fun! It stayed surprisingly tidy for most of the afternoon until C decided she needed to turn the pizza tray upside down so the sheep could jump on it! I know some people aren’t comfortable with the use of food products in play. I personally am not keen on the use of ready-to-eat foods in play such as jelly or cooked spaghetti but dry pantry ingredients such as flour, raw pasta, rice, beans etc provide countless options for play experiences and best of all the only effort needed is the opening of the cupboard!!

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