Another month passes

My poor neglected Blog. A month without writing. A busy month of celebrating, resting and tackling the to-do list! I’ll be back!!!

I’m summary this month:

-C is nappy free!!!!! Very excited for her! A very, very quick transition in the end and as with most things she has done, it’s been an ‘all or nothing’ affair so there are no nappies to bed either. She is doing so well.

-Watched C continue to grow up to quickly. Having conversations with her bestie now which is adorable to watch and makes said friend’s mum and I gush with pride as we marvel over our little ‘twins’ (we are very often asked if they are twins when out and about!).
-L has found her voice some more and is rarely quiet. She has also discovered the world is quite an interesting place and would rather like to enjoy it awake rather than asleep!
-L was diagnosed with plagiocephaly and now enjoys a more upright life….probably how she discovered the world was interesting!

-We celebrated Christmas and all it’s luxury and joy whilst also feeling heavily the empty spot left at the dinner table with my dad no longer with us.

-We’ve played at the beach.
-We’ve played at the new’ish aquatic centre.
-I discovered I don’t have permanent work this year so have breathed a sigh of relief on one hand and had a minor panic attack on the other.
-We’ve begun plans to get the family to Hawaii for my mum’s 60th- seeming somewhat of a pipe dream at the moment but hopefully it all pans out.
-I had my first glass of white wine in 2 years and 50 weeks (!!!) on New Years Eve and loved every drop of that 100ml standard drink (measured to the drop due to breastfeeding paranoia)!!!!!
-We have had visitors and done visiting with lots of close friends and reaffirmed how lucky we are to have these people in our lives.

Hope your holiday season was safe and enjoyable! We still have another week left of ours before life returns to normal. Cheers!

(My ABA approved 100mL glass!!!)

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