Back to reality…

D returned to work today and so did reality! We didn’t go away but the 3 weeks was just enough time for us to find a new rhythm, new routine and I liked it! I missed my buddy today – it’s always nice having another grown up around. To add to the void of papa being gone, C went to crèche as well so her constant chatter was missing!


Now for a bit of honesty. The first week D was home I was counting the days until he went back to work! Our morning routine was thrown out, things were being done differently and he was busy making a mess when I was busy trying to shift my mind and habits ready for an organized 2013! Pretty soon we fell into a rhythm of rotating sleep ins, tag team nanna naps and I was largely ignored by the toddler who was just D’s shadow for his entire holiday! It was lovely. I felt his absence when I glanced at the clock to see 08:39 – He was only 9 mins into his working day and I had been up for 3.5 hours, well and truly ready to crawl back under the covers.


Still, reality is back but I’m hoping it’s back wearing a different hat. C has found new independence and a new confidence as a toilet trained toddler, L has found her rhythm and is wriggling and worming and rolling herself all over the place and I am doing well with my new adopted habits, determined to keep my space organised and manageable. I’m installing a bit of routine into my life so I don’t fall into old habits which lead to grumpy, tired mum!



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