A growing bond


One of the things I am enjoying most about being a mother second time around is watching my girls together. I never tire of seeing them chat together, smile at one another and I have an internal giggle at the little tiffs they have even at L’s tender young age, wondering if they have any idea how big these tiffs will become! I have a sister and growing up, she was my best companion. We lived in an amazing imaginary world of libraries, restaurants and put on a multitude of dancing, magic, musical theatre shows for my parents. When we found out we were giving C a sister I was thrilled.

This morning C gave L a piece of her apple – 2nd-time-mum me didn’t freak at the thought of choking or that L hasnt started solids or that ‘they’ say you should start with veggies before fruit. We, C and I, watched with pride and delight as L gripped her apple tightly and sucked on it! C then insisted that L had her morning sleep in her bed and so for 2 1/2 hours my little’est sausage slept snuggly under a doona, in a big girls bed with her big sister popping her head in every so often to “check Lex” and then to report “shhhh! Lex asleep”. These moments warmed my heart, as do any touching moment between these two. It made me reflect on this growing friendship and love the girls have for one another. You will have to excuse the photo bombing in this post but as any mum will know, it’s hard to choose one moment over the next as being ‘more special’ – to me every moment my daughters breathe a breath is a special moment and if they are breathing them together, all the better 🙂

I knew C would make a great big sister. She has had a strong interest in pretend play since before her 1st birthday and most of her adventures involve a doll or a teddy, her ‘babies’ as she calls them. She was bottle feeding, changing nappies, preparing meals and taking babies for walks long before L came along! I knew she would be gentle and kind and caring. You can imagine my panic then when this was her fist reaction to L:



By the end of my 3 day stay in hospital, the Mother Hen in C began to shine through:



As the weeks have gone, C’s love for L has grown. She responds to her every cry, shares her toys (most of the time), makes sure L has toys or a place to sit. She asks after L if she’s not sure where she’s gone, checks to make sure she’s coming to the shops too or to the sandpit. She wants to help with nappy changes and dressing and night time cuddles. She is gentle and loving. By the same token, L has a fascination with her big sister and her face lights up in joy when they are together. She wriggles and shuffles with determination to be involved in whatever C is doing (as mummy silently cries ‘stop growing up!’ ‘stop learning how to move!!’ ) C is usually the first to her bedside on waking and the 2 can be found smiling and chatting. It is truly the most wonderful thing I have had the privilege to observe and I’m sure this is one of those things tht only gets better as they grow up.


Getting stuck in at bath time!

A loving look for her little sister

Celebrating Grandfinal Day!

L encouraged C as she was developing potty confidence

20130126-121627.jpg I often find L nude!

Teaching L how to draw

Teaching L what to do during tummy time back in the early days!

C wanted L to go to bed with her – not sleep time for little L though!!

A lazy morning lay in

Playing animals.

Looking through these snapshots of time from the last 4 1/2 months reaffirms that all the hard work is worth it. For every moment that I have felt that C has struggled with L’s arrival, I see many, many more moments of joy that her arrival has brought too. My friend’s mum’s thoughts resonate with me in these times – we have given C the greatest gift – we’ve given her a sister.


**please note it is purely coincidence that most of these photos feature C in her pjs. The girls spend the most time together in the early morning! I promise my daughter has clothes – really nice ones in fact! She prefers to be pant-less though, so clothes tend to be left for leaving the house!

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  1. mummyshymz says:

    Awww… how sweet! I have a similar shot of C and G during tummy time too! Big sisters are the best 🙂

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