One twelfth gone…

…nearly! With January nearly gone, I thought I would check in and let you all know how things in ‘organised 2013’ are going.

The year didn’t necessarily start how I had planned:

This is my beloved car, a present to myself after my first term of teaching, now, as a VicRoads document kindly informed me today, “suitable only for parts”. Part of a 4 car collision, we unfortunately took the worst hit. But onwards and upwards. It’s just a car, we had insurance and besides the annoyance – the REAL annoyance – of it all, the husband is unscathed and we are on the hunt for a new car.

Time to check in on my goal for January which was to get my house organised. In my post ‘A lifting weight’ I divulged some home truths about my living arrangements and set about making some changes. I’m pleased to report things are going well! I never set out to have a magazine quality home but I did want a home I felt relaxed in and proud of. I am proud to say I have had several visitors over the last few weeks and have not needed to spend a morning of stress and panic trying to tidy and clean to hide the horrendous state of affairs (I will say they have all been pet lovers and therefore don’t judge the pet hair)!!! Here are some of the things that have changed:

-I make my bed every morning! This feels so good – walking into a room with a made bed instantly makes it look tidier and calm.

– I get dressed and changed in my wardrobe (it’s walk-in!!). This way clothes are getting put away straight away. Any clothes for the wash are given to the keen toddler to put in the washing basket!

-I do a load of washing every day and fold and put it away every day. This avoids drowning the couch at the end of a week in 4 loads of crumpled washing requiring 2 hours of folding and sorting to get on top of. One of the Peter Walsh (see link in my Lifting weight post) challenges was to sort through odd socks – completing this has meant that at the end of every evening my washing baskets are EMPTY!! As I am washing every day, everyone’s washing baskets are empty and therefore I have no stray socks and if I do?…bin!

-I have split the rooms of my house into different cleaning days. I stick strictly to only cleaning that room on that day- no doubling up. Doubling up = too much time on housework = grumpy mum!! If I miss a room and I have along the way, it doesn’t get done and I don’t apologies for that! Come to my house on Monday and my floors are not looking great, but everything is getting done regularly cutting out the overwhelming prospect of cleaning the entire house in one hit. I still don’t clean well but I clean enough to be happy!!

-I clean the kitchen every night – properly! I wake in the morning to a clean bench. This has set a more relaxed tone for the day rather than waking, having C at my feet crying for food and thinking ‘how am I going to get everything done.’

-I clean the bathroom when the kids are bathing. I put L’s change mat on the floor and give her some wriggle time in the nude whilst C splashes away and I give the bathroom a quick once over. Then when I’m done, L jumps in the bath with her big sister.

-Adopted Peter’s “Later is the best friend of clutter” approach and just do it! Amazing how the 2 mins at the time saves the build up of ‘piles’ or the growing to-do list.

The initial de-cluttering blitz I did had a profound impact on how the household runs. Having the desk piled with paperwork out of my bedroom has cleared my mind and my space. Our wardrobes are tidy so things have a place which makes an end of day tidy easy as everything has a home. I worked through the house room by room, little space by little space until I had achieved my goal (nearly!). One day I would do a bathroom cupboard, the next a kitchen drawer – it took a good 2 weeks but by the middle of the month, Peter Walsh would be posting tasks I could smugly say I had done! I am calmer, As a result C is calmer and although it may just be an age-coincidence, she is not as ‘into everything’ as she was. Without the growing piles or stuff, she has only her things to cause mischief with and as there’s only her things around the place now, this is less overwhelming to look at and live with.

I still have some work to do – my back room has a pile of rubbish for the tip, a pile for selling and an op-shop pile and my spare bedroom has a cupboard that now, as an organized diva (!), makes me feel a little ill – I will get to that in the coming weeks. I hope the habits are changed and I hope as I begin to slowly add work to my schedule that things don’t start to slip. I have found it challenging on some days to do the daily cleaning task and at times have caught myself sitting with the girls and wondering ‘what should I be doing’ instead of just enjoying the moment. I have become cranky on more than one occasion at the husband who doesn’t share my desire for a tidy house (seriously- how many times do I need to move shoes from the kitchen bench to the front door?!!!) and the toddler who likes the fact that we have a big house and needs to make sure there are teddies and dolls from one end of it to the other!!!

Approaching February with a smile on my face! My youngest has become an energizer bunny in the last week and doesn’t stop moving! She’s sitting up, lunging at toys, lunging at food and chatting up a storm. The oldest continues to calm and frustration is lessening as her language continues to blossom. Her imagination continues to grow and today I have climbed in and out of a laundry basket as she yelled ‘all aboard mum’ (where do they pick these things up?!! She’s never been on a boat!), I’ve served teddy after teddy ice cream across the kitchen bench, exchanging money and
pleasantries and I’ve bounced around the house wearing a bib with a pocket housing a little teddy like a kangaroo.



My goal for February is to get my body, fitness and health under control! Tomorrow…or the next day (!!) … I will post my plans! Look out March my clean home and fitter body are coming your way!!!!


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4 Responses to One twelfth gone…

  1. mummyshymz says:

    Sounds like you are off to a great start (except for the car) πŸ™‚

  2. motherwho says:

    You are an inspiration Kate!! I love the idea of the bathroom tidy and am going to try that one tonight!!! With my new ‘routine’ I had both kids bathed, fed and asleep last night by 7pm on the dot. Very weird feeling!!!!

    • graceofmae says:

      Not an inspiration Luce – just clawing back some control. Sand play and miserable teething toddler does not make it appear like I have control today!! The bathroom works great but there is a catch … you have to actually bath the kids πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Well done on 7pm!!! I think 4 months is about when L started falling into that time regularly and it was AMAZING!!! Love to hear your nighttime routine – L definitely needs one to wind down and it would be good of C’s wasn’t ‘Drew can you get this toddler to bed … Now!!!’

      • motherwho says:

        Believe it all not I am a bath-a-holic after starting my new… let’s call it a daily RHYTHM… sure I have spelled that wrong but oh well. Here is how the evening part goes – 3.30/4pm prepare dinner, 4.30pm Pixie down for a nap, 5pm N eat dinner (me too depending how hungry I am), 5.15/5.30pm bath both the kids (now including your bathroom clean regime!), 5.45pm read books, 6pm N bed, 6.30pm Pixie milk, 7pm Pixie bed. It would change if N has a day sleep in which case I guess she would have her dinner at 5.30/6pm. It’s not often that happens so when it does I’m not sure what I’ll do considering I’ve just started trying this out last week! I find that if she doesn’t have a day sleep she is so tired that if I serve her dinner past 5pm she cannot eat and I literally have to feed her. All such a juggle!! Can text you in more detail as I know I haven’t written back to your lovely text the other day!!! xxxxx

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