Sand and tears

The toddler is teething. I know this because:

1) I can see the evil thing poking its impossibly slow growing head through my poor darling’s gum

2) C has this ‘I’m not feeling right’ tiptoe, shuffle walk when she’s teething …. It irritates me no end for some reason!

3) C is spending a lot of time rolling around on the floor in unusual places.

4) She is melting down over food every few minutes, requesting things she won’t eat and holding my fridge randsome if I so happen to want to get anything from it.

5) My playroom has been un-touched for 48 hours as she has no ability to play independently and instead paces or, tip toe shuffles, around the house like a little lost sheep.


Normally in these ‘pressure’ times I escape. We go out or we go visiting. No car has left me trapped without that option. Rain cancelled our new routine of a morning walk (probably should have worked out how to put the rain cover over new pram). I woke exhausted – not sure why, must have been a busy night in dreamland.

I set about making sure today didn’t evaporate like yesterday, with husband walking through the door and me locking myself in the bathroom for a loooong shower (as it turned out a naked toddler appeared by the door so my peace was short lived!). Having a chronic case of the lazies today and deciding the couch was the best place for me (this never ends up with me having a good day so I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea), I decided to bring some outside play, inside. I set C up with a container of sand, some feathers, a cup and a bowl. I also added her toy dinosaurs. Play School is doing dinosaurs this week and C has been really enjoying it.


20130201-222455.jpg*parenting tip: when there is sand inside, this is a great day to serve rice for lunch! Sand + rice = easy sweep up job!!

The sand play would usually engage C for a long time but today it was a 5 minute wonder. She did keep going back to it and we moved it outside in the afternoon and added water to it which she then spooned into a muffin tray to cook ‘cakes’. She also buried rocks in it and spooned it into bowls to feed to her teddies.

No, today was a day of frustration and tears – hers and mine! No, I didn’t cry today but the frustration was certainly there! By 10am we had done sand play, played dress ups, played with marbles and attempted various other games and stories and songs. Nothing was keeping C entertained

….And so Play School came to the rescue, followed by lunch and a lovely afternoon sleep. The afternoon was a lot happier thankfully!! We moved our inside play outside! C was using the BBQ as an oven which made me very uncomfortable given her proximity to the gas bottle so I took her play oven outside. This was seen as an invitation to move her playroom outside and so my deck ended up looking like this:

20130201-224605.jpg…sigh!! Still, the baby happily jolly jumped, the toddler happily played and I breathed for 5 minutes as I cleaned up the kitchen- win-win all round!

What are your best tips for boredom busting? What do you do when it feels like nothing is keeping the toddler busy?!!!

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One Response to Sand and tears

  1. Valerie says:

    Teething is no fun for anyone involved! My 16 month old is getting four molars and three other teeth right now! O_O When things get really bad we head to a playground. Being outside soothes the soul! I love the jolly jumper – that isn’t how ours look here. My little ones all loved it too. đŸ™‚

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