Masking tape bracelets

The trouble with boredom is that it breeds laziness. In my house it does anyway! We are on week 3 of car ‘sharing’ ( sharing a term used loosely as it is I who end up car-less most of the time!). We live in an estate isolated from the rest of the world!!! A busy footpath-less road separates us from a cafe or milkbar. We have two parks at our disposal- I am bored stiff of both! The days have been long and hot so it has been impractical to go out in the afternoons so the girls and I have been setting off in the pram at 8am, doing a nice hour walk (go yummy mummy Feb!), looking at the multitude of diggers and trucks building the new roads, duck watching and then finishing up with a play at the park. We meander back home at 9:30 for our berries and milk and that is where the entertainment for the day ends – 8 1/2 hours away from dad being home!!!


With the two little-ones it is hard to imagine how boredom can ever become an issue. I think it is more an oppressive feeling of being trapped. Of having nowhere to be but no way to get there if I wanted to! Thankfully a couple of dear friends have made mercy visits the last couple of weeks to break the day but other than that I have been wallowing! With wallowing comes a lack of desire to do housework, to do anything really! The TV goes on, grumpy mum rears her head and the day is a write-off before afternoon sleeps have even begun! With no outings, there’s no structure; with no structure, I flounder! Even the baby’s bored!

This afternoon I knew was going to be particularly trying. I was exhausted, C was exhausted after not sleeping long enough and L was in an energetic ‘teach me everything now mum’ mood! I had seen this idea for Nature bracelets on several blogs but with the sun burning down knew a nature walk would not impress L…. or me! I decided to adapt the idea for inside.


I attached a strip of masking tape around C’s wrist and one around mine. L sat in her Bumbo seat on the floor beside us with a tray full of rattling teddies and watched eagerly (for everything that’s harder 2nd time round – entertaining a baby with a toddler in the house is soooo much easier! C is like an interactive television screen for L!!!).


I think thicker tape would be much better but I was working with what we had in the house. As a tip for parents- I recommend taking as much care attaching the tape to your arm as you do your child’s. A rush job on my part left me having to grit my teeth to pull tape off my now semi-waxed forearm!

C had a lot of fun decorating ‘bracelets’ on her arm and hand and my arm with buttons and sequins and felt flowers. It turned into a colour chat as she held up different buttons and wishfully said ‘blue’, sorry, ‘bluuuuuuuuue’ in the hope that I may agree with her! The beauty was the lack of permanency so C could quickly change her design and take things on and off as she pleased. It was also a huge hit that she got to decorate my arm too!




As with most toddler related activities things did veer in a different direction. Learning the properties of masking tape was a cause of great intrigue and C enjoyed touching the sticky surface with her opposite hand and pressing it against various surfaces in the house. We put tape on a bowl and decorated the bowl and then just had fun tearing off strips of tape and scrunching it in our hands.


The entertainment factor didn’t last long but it was a good afternoon breaker and as it was minimal set-up, minimal mess, it didn’t need to last a long time for it to be successful. I think C will love making these outside as she loves nature! Will keep this stashed up my sleeve for an Autumn-Winter arvo I think!

Tomorrow I plan to get back into the swing of things! Saturday is normally a home day so I will try not to get miserable when I am car-less again! I think we will brave the heat and take our lunch to the park for a picnic. Today we had many teddy-bear picnics so hopefully a really ‘pic-pic’ as C calls them will be a hit! It may also re-spark my interest in those parks!!!!!

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2 Responses to Masking tape bracelets

  1. Valerie says:

    What a cute and resourceful activity!! Love it! 😀

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