Same park, new deal.

I mentioned on Friday that my car-less boredom was getting to me. I mentioned I was bored of the two parks I could walk to and sick of being trapped inside due to the heat. Well on Saturday we escaped and it was so lovely I had to share!

There are 2 parks in my estate – one is at the end of my street, the other around the corner. One has swings, the other doesn’t. Swing park doesn’t get visited often despite being in my street and despite the toddler stepping out the front door and constantly running off down the footpath to the slide! I don’t enjoy swings says this mother with her head hung in shame. I don’t enjoy pushing a swing! Our park visits usually happen at the end of a walk. It’s part of our routine that allows to me to get 50-60mins exercise in as C knows if she lets me get my walk in, she gets a good park play and it’s usually a mummy-only play as L generally drifts off to sleep!! Swing park got a look in today as it is surrounded by flat grass and large trees, perfect for picnic-ing!

So, with the sun shining, I packed our boring lunch into a bag, grabbed a picnic blanket and some toys for the babe and got both girls ready for a picnic at the park. I suggested to C that she could take a teddy to show the park to and off we went.


L as usual had a fabulous time watching her big sister (have I mentioned how easy entertaining number 2 is?!!!!).


C showed teddy the ropes.


We paused and had lunch before C embarked on an explore of the grassed area surrounding the park before beginning an impromptu, solo dance party!


Whilst little L practiced some new skills, enjoying the breeze on her face and the change of scenery.


We lasted an hour before C took her shoes off and refused to put them back on! *sigh*!!

Such a simple way to break up an afternoon. Free, as I just packed the lunch we were otherwise going to eat at the dining table and such a novelty for C. She devoured her lunch which I imagine would have stayed untouched if served at home. L loves being outside so she thought it was fab and I was away from the confines of my house!! For such a lovely, easy, free activity, I’m surprised I don’t see more people with a picnic blanket at this park and even more surprised that’s it’s taken over 2 years for me to do it!!! I see swing park in a whole new light now! Funny how a change in how you approach something opens up new world!

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2 Responses to Same park, new deal.

  1. Valerie says:

    How lovely! 🙂 It’s the little things…

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