Half a year

Some how, with the blinking of an eye, L turned 6 months last week. I blinked and half a year passed. There is no doubting that the parenting journey has been harder second time round with the needs of two to juggle but, as any parent would say, I couldn’t imagine our world without our happy girl.

L has come such a long way. We have treated and cured her torticollis and she has now graduated from the osteopath. I do get pangs of sadness when I look back at photos of her neck so tight and sore and think of the difficulty I used to have putting her in a pram or the car or dressing her. I actually deleted several videos off my phone yesterday of me talking to her on her ‘bad’ side and her not turning her face to look at me. She has grown from a tiny SGA baby into a nearly-average sized bub and it’s been lovely to avoid the nagging worry of slow weight gain that I had with C this time round. She is mobile now (in a strange commando-style crawling kind of way), sits up with strength and happily throws herself from sitting, back onto her stomach. She is very vocal and I’m sure she’s already teaching herself how to tell me off! She has started solids and we are taking a BLW approach with her (more on my excitement about this over the next couple of days).

It amazes me each day that my two babies, built of the same DNA, can be so different! Our first born was so placid ..until she turned into a determined toddler. L is the opposite! She is a very active baby who just wants to see and do everything RIGHT NOW! This naturally presents challenges I didn’t encounter with C: she has trouble winding down to sleep, she wakes practicing mobility skills and ends up all in a knot, she overtires and frustrates herself quickly! She is more like me. She’s not a cuddly baby – she’s too busy to rest in someone’s arms but she is a mum’s girl which is nice in a way but makes things a bit more difficult given C would happily go to anyone.

The next 12 months were my favourite age with C and I am really looking forward to going through this phase again with L. The new skills, the emerging personality, more settled ‘routine’ – it’s a lot of fun!

Happy half birthday beautiful girl!


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2 Responses to Half a year

  1. She looks so happy! Congrats!

  2. mummyshymz says:

    Awww… she is such a dear! My two kids are completely different too 🙂

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