A lantern lighting her way

A mixed post – a bit of craft, a bit of mummy reflection! Forgive me if it doesn’t gel together well!

I’m posting this activity today not because it’s groundbreaking or even that it turned out to be anything spectacular, but because it represents a win with C. It’s both a trying and amazing time with her all rolled into one. She is putting on concerts for us, dictating when we clap and say goodbye to her, her pretend play continues to grow more elaborate and she’s enjoying finding new ways to play with her sister. On the other hand she is battling for independence and I’m finding it hard to let go and give it to her! As my first born she will always be my ‘baby’ that I try and keep that way forever! Before her we lost 2 pregnancies so the journey to get her was filled with anxiety – I’ll always worry about her that little bit more I think, particularly as she is so sensitive. Not to say I don’t worry about L- she’s just a different person!

C spent a lot of time pasting today as I was busily cutting and laminating some new activities to do with her. She usually uses paste with a brush but today, for the first time, used a glue stick. If ever there was proof that it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure, it was this glue stick!!

She was so proud of her effort that she asked me if she could ‘show daddy the stick sticks’ so we all piled in the car and took the pasting 20 mins up the road, in the rain to D’s work!

Later in the afternoon we were having some down time in front of Play School. Charlee’s absolute favourite presenter, Rhys, was making paper lanterns and through the windows we saw some other lanterns. C jumped up and grabbed some tissue paper from the pasting supplies and told me it was a lantern. She was holding it up to the TV and looking at the light through it. Following her interest, I grabbed a glass jar and showed her how to apply glue and tear tissue paper to stick on.

She was very proud of her handiwork!

Using what was lying around the house I shoved a lump of play dough in the bottom of the jar and a birthday candle into it. C thought that was fabulous and started to sing Happy Birthday! We lit it and were very pleased with the outcome!


C enjoyed blowing the candle out over and over again and telling me to make wishes. I love that we transitioned to this activity following her interest and lead and that the end result was something new and interesting to her. It was nice to have a day of doing things together without me worrying about the house or preparing dinner or catching up with someone.

My goal over the next week is to curb the frustration and embrace my independent, amazing little girl more! The tantrums and tears aren’t deliberate attempts to sabotage my day (!) it must be just as hard for her to understand her new place in this world as is it for me to let go the little bit that I need to. I feel for her when she gets dressed and gets an arm stuck – it must be incredibly frustrating to want to do something so badly! We are different people in many ways, very similar in ways that we could do with being different in!!!!!! We love intensely, we fight just as intensely!

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4 Responses to A lantern lighting her way

  1. mummyshymz says:

    It’s a bittersweet feeling when we see our “babies” growing up into little ladies with their own minds. So proud of what they have become, yet we miss the days when they were totally dependent on us 🙂

  2. Valerie says:

    I know how you feel with having lost babies and then how much anxiety is contained in pregnancies following loss. 😦 My sons were after m/c’s and their pregnancies were far different from my daughter’s because I had not experienced loss when I was expecting her.
    I love the glass jar/candle craft – very cute!

    • Grace of Mae says:

      Thanks Valerie! It’s hard to explain! It’s not that I take L for granted or think she’s any less special – just that the experience was different and my relationship will be different with her as a result. She’s probably luckier than C as she’ll be free’er whereas C and I will constantly battle with her trying to break free and me trying to keep her close!!!!

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