She sells seashells

So many posts to read, very kind awards to accept! A horrible stomach bug hit me Mother’s Day night. It has taken every ounce of the tiny amount of energy I had to get over it, only to have it hit me again. I’ve made some decisions and come July my little family of four has some adjusting to do which will ultimately lead to a very positive outcome for us all but is also a little daunting….but I think more exciting than anything.. I think (I’ll expand another day!). This post has been in draft form for ages so thought it was worth finishing off!!

One of the advantages to having an obsessive sister is that she has many collections from her childhood, all in pristine condition. She has given several toys and collectables to C and all look as good as the day she as given them. I have been asking my mum for the shell collection for sometime and she kindly delivered on Mother’s Day a container of beautifully cared for shells.

The first thing C did with the shells was take them into the garden and place them very carefully, one-by-one, into a planter box she has claimed as her own. She dug with them, used them to ‘cut’ leaves, buried them and then left them there. A couple of days later, with dinner to prepare, a baby who spends dinner prep time clinging to my leg as I shuffle around the kitchen and a toddler repeatedly saying “what about ….” and asking for another type of food I don’t have in the pantry, I made a dash to the planter box, rescued the shells and set the girls up!

I put the dirty shells into a container, placed a container of water in the middle and am empty container on the other side. I tinted the water blue just to make it look a bit spesh! I showed C how to work from left to right (pre reading and writing skills….check!) to clean the dirty shells and put them into a new container once clean.


She loved it! Of course once the cleaning was done the shells returned to the water and were used for scooping and splashing.


I set L up in her high chair with some blue water on her tray, some carefully selected shells and woke bath toys. I was worried if she gummed some of the more delicate shells with the same gusto she attacked food that she might break them and cut her mouth. The high chair is the only place, that water play with L doesn’t turn into a swimming lesson! The girl loves her water! My husband and I make jokes about her being able to teleport because she seems to move at the speed of light to our water fountain on the decking if our sliding door is left open!


C was really taken by the shells so after she went to bed I set up the following invitation to play for her:


As I heard her feet patter though the house the following morning I could hear the familiar “Oh look!” she enjoyed her shells for a few days before they began to played with more carelessly, a sign that she is tiring and that it’s time for break!

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