Sibling rivalry




Notice a theme? Yep – everywhere C goes, little sister is in tow! We are entering a new phase in our girl’s life and there are some..umm..teething problems!

It all started the day L realized she was tall enough to reach up onto C’s play oven…and then her table … and then her beloved pram. Gradually over the last 2 weeks, everything that was C’s has become ‘shared space’. Previously it was only floor games that were interrupted which seemed ok with C as she could pick and choose when she played with L and when she had her own space. Now whenever C stands to play, L can be found staring adoringly at her sister, trying to get her hands into whatever it is that is going on. My husband and i joke that L can teleport as she is so incredibly quick and she uses this speed to follow C around the house (and to provide me with a second audience member when I go to the toilet!) C is finding this difficult as she is, by nature, a bit of a lone ranger. She prefers her own space. I’m sure once L is old enough to be bossed around follow instructions, C will realize what a valuable play buddy she has but at the moment it appears she sees it as one massive intrusion! She has mastered a very subtle push and kick, both of which happen at the speed of light when you take your eyes away for a minute. A bang and then tears are the first you know of it.

So we are going through a bit of a phase where I am getting my first taste as the role of mediator! Leaving them to play together, alone, is not an option at the moment. L is spending a lot of our playtime on the floor using me to balance herself to her feet so she can practice standing unassisted and this constant contact between the two of us has lead to some jealously. C has become masterful at sliding herself between me and L so she can get a sneaky cuddle and also knows exactly when to turn on her two-year-old charm! Today was pure bliss as each girl slept for over 3 hour with not one minute of their sleep times crossing over. As frustrating as my lack of rest was, each girl had 3 hours of solo playtime to touch what they wanted when they wanted, to cruise and climb at will, to swing on the swing without having to give it up for the next person’s turn.

I have no doubt that people with older children are scoffing at this post in a knowing ‘just you wait’ kind of way!!!!! I know ..sort of…that this is just the beginning! I didn’t expect to have such an active, busy baby just yet – I was hoping things would move a little slower!

For every difficult play period there are of course still the very sweet moments. The way C cheers L on as she pushes her trolley around the house, the way L claps along to C’s shows, the way C always clarifies with me the L is coming with us when we are going somewhere. I am told that C spends her outside time at daycare, loitering outside of L’s room, peering through the windows. In fact when I picked her up this week she was surprised that L was awake, clearly aware that when I had arrived she had been in bed.

And as with all phases, this will pass and it will get easier…..right before it gets challenging in a whole new way!!!


Not L’s best look but I love C’s smile! My fav photo of them together is not net-safe as it is two gorgeous bare bottoms standing waiting for their bath!


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2 Responses to Sibling rivalry

  1. linbritt says:

    It’s funny how they sort each other and their places out! Good luck with the referee job 😉

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