Boogers and Bedtime Battles



I lay down with my 2 1/2 year old at bedtime. I can’t help but smile at her mass of blonde curls and angelic eyes. I snuggle into her warm pjs and marvel at how cute she looks in them compared to how daggy I look in mine! “What’s that?” she asks (her favourite question at the moment) as she holds her hands millimeters from my eyes so I have no hope of being able to see what ‘that’ is. I sigh, weary from the question that has been asked over and over all day,“I don’t know C.” She grins “It’s a booger.” Peace broken and we laugh.

That just about sums up the week! If snot (sorry, I’m past sugar coating it!) was a trade-able commodity I’m fairly certain we would be challengers for a spot as Australia’s richest family! I have given up attempting to keep myself free from bodily fluids and just wait for D to get home to have a long, lone shower and to put on clean clothes! The girls came home from daycare full of cold last Tuesday and that is how things have stayed. I have attempted to be a good mother (?) and kept the week free and dedicated to staying inside, warm and quiet in an attempt to clear the colds quickly. I think I’ve only achieved in making myself miserable! We’ve missed sunshine because the air is still damp and cold and I was trying to keep the girls warm and toasty, I’ve missed human interaction! Even the joy of having all my food delivered this week was short lived when I realized I had no excuse to go out!!

C has been quiet. She has had long day sleeps and spent most of the week tucked up in my bed watching Peppa Pig on the iPad or lying on the couch watching Play School. I’ve let it go this week and let her rest. Everytime she tries to play she becomes tired and frustrated and ends up in a puddle of tears. She needs her rest. It hasn’t all been miserable. We’ve done our usually rotation or painting and playdough. She played with her dolls and cooked in her kitchen. She’s had up days before seeming to get knocked down with the bug again the next day. She’s battled with us every bedtime wanting more hugs, more water, more milk, multiple bathroom trips, to talk to daddy, to talk to mummy, to sleep on the couch, to sleep in mummy’s bed – you get the drift! She generally crashes by 9pm. At 1:30 this morning I found her sitting in the middle of her bedroom sobbing for Peppa and George – yep! Time for the tv to go off!


L has been up and down mood wise. One minute clingy, wrapping her monkey legs around me or stiffening her body when I attempt to put her down; the next laughing and seeking out mischief. She has been having mammoth day sleeps too and then is up and down through the early evening. She’s been comfort feeding like a newborn again. She’s had some rough nights. Tonight (last night?) was her first ‘normal L’ night with her more usual 1 wake up. She woke at 3am but sadly I’m here at 6am still very much awake, unable to fall asleep.


I’ve had a list of quieter things to do with the girls but I’m tired too and admittedly have used spare moments to try and stay on top of the house that I’m trapped in (!) or we’ve just snuggled on the couch. I brought the outside into the playroom this week by pulling the paddling pool in and putting some balls in it for the girls – more for L who loves balls!

L’s had fun climbing in and out and throwing balls. C has had fun trying to teach L how to catch (as pictured). We’ve had throwing competitions, bounced dolls in there, pretended it’s a boat and used an ice cream scoop and plastic cups to turn the balls into scoops of delicious ice cream (trust C to take a perfect rough and tumble gross motor activity and turn it into a concentrated pretend play activity!)

It has been my first taste of winter with multiple children. From the 3 rounds of gastro D and i suffered over a 6 week period, to colds and coughs! The girls have alternated rough days, seeming to pass it round and round to each other as only loving cup-sharing, food sharing sisters could do!! Im hoping we can get it all out of our system so that my return to work in 2 1/2 weeks can be one of energy and good health!

Today I’m fighting back and leaving the house! I have had enough of waiting for it to pass! We will probably all feel a lot better with some warm hot choccies in our tummy and the company of friends!

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3 Responses to Boogers and Bedtime Battles

  1. Valerie says:

    Boo! for sickness at your house!!
    Haha about the What’s that? question…Now you know, don’t you?! 😉
    They’re both so cute. ❤

  2. mummyshymz says:

    Oh I hope that the girls get better soon. Poor you. Take care!

  3. Grace of Mae says:

    Thanks girls! Its been a long slog! And yes – next time I’ll know better than to ask a toddler what ‘that’ is!

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