Checking in

I can’t wait to sit down in bed this evening and read all the posts sitting in my Reader un-read! There is peace in our house at a reasonable delightful hour for the first time in a while – hubby has even snuck out to get a cheeky Indian takeaway whilst the babes sleep!

The last two weeks have been filled with highs and lows. I’ve had a great weekend away at my mum’s, been out a couple of nights, welcomed the arrival of a beautiful baby girl and shopped up a storm so that I am finally wearing clothes that fit my newly improved post-pregnancy body – no more potato sacks! Amongst the joy I have farewelled a dear friend as she embarks on an interstate adventure, been saddened and worried for a dear friend who is unwell at the moment and spent a week very concerned about the health of little L. Ups and downs!!




July is also a challenging month personally, with many dates serving as a reminder of my dad’s passing 2 years ago. Our close knit ‘inner sanctum’ as he called us, rocked by his relatively sudden departure. It doesn’t get any easier. I haven’t stopped the ‘I must tell dad that’ moments and still catch myself going to send him a text. The Ashes starts tonight – cricket one of our shared passions where we would argue Oz vs England over and over! His birthday has been and gone – it would have been his 63rd. Now the build up is on for the anniversary date this Sunday. Some time over the next few days I will post some information about my fathers illness and passing, a relatively rare disease but one where he defied the odds. It will be a difficult post to write.


On another note there are a few days left until my return to work 3 days a week. I’m excited to have my own class again and looking forward to the new challenge. The last couple of weeks have been busied with putting in place new organizational systems to help a smooth transition and make sure the house still runs relatively stress free! A routine will be welcomed and the guarantee of hours and income will stop me feeling like I am ‘floating’….or maybe that’s sinking?!!!

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