Gone but not forgotten

It’s been over two months since I visited my blog. Over 2 months since I sat and read my favourite blogs. I’ve been gone but I certainly have not forgotten about my little place on the world wide web! I blame my return to work and a desire to be free from the computer in the evening.

I have buried my head into being back at work 3 days a week and all that comes with the delights and stresses of juggling managing a classroom and my two babies. I am loving work, loving it! I won’t try and pretend that the fortnightly paycheck isn’t my favourite part because it so totally is and it totally rocks (omg! See what happens when you’re around pre-teens 3 days a week!). I have been blessed with an amazing group of students, making it a delight walking back through that door! It takes a shift in the way you manage your house to make working with youngsters easier. The lack of time and spare brain power can be exhausting but I try to keep things in perspective and remember I am not superwoman! My kids love their crèche which makes the two days they are there so much easier. The girls who care for my little L do so with such love – she hasn’t had the easiest of times of late so it’s lovely to see that she’s wriggled into their hearts.C spends the days she’s not at crèche asking to go to crèche and asks if her carers can come everywhere with us! They are her “best friends” she tells me! You can’t ask for more than that!


Poor L has spent a considerable amount of time at our doctor and the pediatrician. Concerned that she had been sick for a long time and didn’t appear to be growing, I took her in; she was lighter than she had been 4 months earlier 😦 She was whisked off for tests with the only conclusive thing coming back an iron deficiency. It has been a few months of absolutely roller coaster’ing with her. 2 days of happiness followed promptly by a week of sadness. Some days up, other days down. We’ve had amazing nights followed by the nights from hell! In this time she has been on antibiotics, ventolin for suspected asthma, iron supplements which then stuffed up her bowels, Zantac for suspected reflux – there was a time when 8 doses a day were going into her with no sign of improvement and me becoming increasingly stressed and frustrated. Over the weeks she has gone from the happy bundle of energy we knew to somewhat of a Velcro baby, attached to my hip when we are together. We seem to have turned a corner in the last couple of weeks with a brighter little girl waking up each morning. She had continued to progress and is mimicking our actions, showing a real desire to be one of us and getting so awfully close to taking those first few real steps. She will be a mums-girls for some time I’m sure but it has been so lovely to see her happy to go off on her for a sustained period of time.


She recently turned 1 and had an absolute ball at her party! I didn’t see her all afternoon as she crawled and explored all over the place, lapping up the attention. A party is always such a great way to get the people you love together and it was great having our friends and tiny family there to celebrate. My husband once again put on his ‘Dad of the Year’ hat and designed her cake and put a lot of time and effort into catering for the day.


C is becoming more and more grown up by the day and continues to flaunt her independence wherever she can! She talks…..and talks……and talks all day long! Is marvelous and extremely tiring!!! She has the most amazing memory bank of songs and busies herself putting on shows an making up songs about what she’s doing. Its not very peaceful at our house! Her latest new skill is drawing people – a potato look-a-like body with arms and legs and a tuft of hair- and these are cropping up everywhere! Another shift in her craft is the pre-planning that goes into it rather than naming it once it’s done, “I’m going to make a park,” “I’m drawing Humpty on the wall,” amazing when you think back to what she was doing this time last year! She’s also sporting a fabulous layered hair-do and very short fringe after having to rush to my hairdresser to save a home hairdressing job!! C+scissors+hiding in the playhouse whilst daddy changes a nappy… I’ll let you fill in the blanks!!! I have to quickly explain the story to people who comment on his lovely her layered hair looks – I don’t style my toddler’s hair as part of our everyday life!!!


With holidays approaching, I will endeavor to catchup on the happenings of my blog-friends and will be back soon, hopefully with a bit more inspiration than I managed to muster up for this pre-bed post!


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